Behavioral Health Month October 2017


Board of Commissioners Chairman

Dr. Romona Jackson Jones


The overarching goal of the Douglas County Behavioral Health Month Initiative is to unite the professional, educational, and residential communities of Douglas and surrounding Metro Atlanta counties to reduce / eliminate the behavioral health stigma. This campaign challenges each of us to shift the dialogue on behavioral health and addiction from a shameful whisper to a empathetic conversation. The month will include a series of forums, workshops, assessments, wellness activities, and awareness programs to rally local businesses, schools, government offices and families around this local and national crisis. The intended result is to firmly establish Douglas County Behavioral Health Month and the associated series of ongoing events as a model for the state of Georgia and the United States.

The first step is to recognize the high prevalence of stress and trauma-related disorders in our community and society.  Step 2 is to reeducate ourselves, friends, families, loved ones, and co-workers on the truths of behavioral health and addiction. The final step is to take action by promoting the conversation and taking steps to strengthen our personal health and that of those we love with fitness and nutrition. When we do these things, we can reduce the stigma.

More than 125 million Americans are survivors of Stress and Trauma-Related Disorders (Depression; PTSD; Child Abuse; Domestic Violence; Drug / Alcohol Addiction; Etc.)

  • More than 4x Diabetes; 8x Cancer; Less than half treated
  • Costs $ 317.5 Billion Annually
  • Physicians recommend holistic care; Insurance does not cover
  • Affects all socio-economic classes

In Douglas County, 24,229 (26.6%) persons age 18+ suffer from a mental disorder annually. Expanding the reach to include substance abuse and family impact, these numbers surge significantly. (NIMH 2009)




A county and society that is so well-informed about stress and trauma-related disorders that stigmas no longer exist


to produce programs throughout the year that create awareness and dignity for  survivors; their families; their loved ones; and treatment facility professionals







Vice Chairman and District 2 Commissioner Kelly Robinson at 2016 Behavioral Health Forum


Wellness Walks Throughout the Douglas County Community Stomp The Stigma With Each Step


Yoga Retreats Allow County Employees and Treatment Center Staff Time For Education and Recharging


Child Assessments and Parent Workshops on Recognition of Early Stress Health Disorder Indicators


Senior Community Workshops Help Families Recognize and Address Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease


Employee Wellness Days Bring Information to the Workplace to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity



Take the Pledge

I pledge empathy to those with stress and trauma-related disorders.  I understand that more people battle behavioral health and substance abuse challenges than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, combined.  However, ignorance, fear, and shame have created a stigma that discourages proper treatment.

I pledge awareness to become better informed on the prevalence and multiple causes of stress and trauma-related disorders, because information disables stigma.

I pledge advocacy to recognize, respect, and engage with those affected in my family, social, and professional circles, because loving conversation has proven power.

I pledge action to improve my lifestyle with recognized personal wellness strategies, including exercise, nutrition, and spirituality, because strengthening myself allows me to help strengthen others.

I know that through these Three “A”s (Awareness, Advocacy, and Action), we can make things a little easier for survivors, their families, friends, and the loved ones that support them. 

These things I pledge, in my effort to Stomp the Stigma.


2017 Douglas County Behavioral Health Event Series Calendar


10/02     Child Health Day: School Announcements/Calendar Delivered to Parents

10/04     Employee Wellness Day: Douglas County Health Department (18th & 25th)

10/05     NAMI Family Education Support Group Series Douglas County Courthouse Lower Level (12th, 19th, & 26th) 6:45pm

10/06     Stomp the Stigma Fridays Yoga/Massage @ KIMYB (13th, 20th & 27th 12 - 3pm).  More info:

10/10     Douglas County Employee Yoga/Massage @ DC Courthouse Atrium (10th & 17th 5 - 6pm) Harmony Wellness Angels

10/10     LINKFest – Deer Lick Park Gymnasium 12 – 2pm

10/12     Stomp the Stigma: Community Awareness Panel I: Alexander HS Cafeteria 6 – 8:00pm

10/13     Senior’s Wellness Day: DC Senior Citizens 10:30am (Ridgeview Institute)

10/17     Power in Truth Conference (First Baptist Church)

10/18     Listening Session: Substance Abuse Recovery Group 6:30 to 8:00pm/Citizens Hall

10/19     Douglas County Share House Candlelight Vigil 10/19

10/19     Senior Wellness Day: Woodie Fite 11am (Ridgeview Institute)

10/19     Stomp the Stigma: Community Awareness Panel II: Chapel Hill High School Cafeteria 6 – 8:00pm

 10/21     Youth Villages Tough Run Obstacle 5K 9 – 11am

10/24     Commissioner’s Forum – Douglasville Conference Center 6:00 – 8:30pm

10/28     Walk for Wellness & Community Day

     Opening Remarks/Walk: 10am

     Yoga: 11:30am

     Community Day Speakers/Music 12noon



Douglas County Behavioral Health Council Members

Dr. Romona Jackson Jones

Commissioner Kelly Robinson

Tiffany Stewart-Stanley

Dr. Annie Prescott

Judge William H. "Beau" McClain

Superintendent Trent North

Senator Donzella James

Sheriff Tim Pounds

Dr. Felicia Berry-Mitchell

Representative Roger Bruce

Nancy Schusterman

Tim William